Only clips from Episode 1 are available right now as the other clips that were previously available need to be re-uploaded.

The opening scene of GoLion Episode 1 showed GoLion fighting a group of Beastmen and then being split into five parts by a space goddess, who was punishing him for abusing his powers. The scene was mostly excised from Voltron, but several shots made it into the flashback sequences seen in Episodes 1 and 2. This clip has English subtitles featured.

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2 min 41 sec

As the slave ship travels to Planet Galra, several captives are on the receiving end of violent whippings from the whipmaster as a means of keeping them in line. The scene was edited in Voltron with the whippings of the captives excised.

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32 sec

After the slave ship lands on Galra, the captives are rounded up into the arena where some of them are killed by Zadak (Yurak) and whipped by whipmasters for either slacking off or falling behind. The scene was edited in Voltron with the deaths and whippings excised.

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23 sec

The captives that were brought to Galra on the slave ship meet their violent deaths at the hands of a Beastman in the gladiatorial arena. The scene, which is arguably the most violent scene in the GoLion series, was heavily edited in Voltron with some violent acts removed and every death excised.

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55 sec

While captive in the dungeon with his friends, Kogane has a flashback of the nuclear war on Earth that killed everyone.

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25 sec

When Kogane and his friends attempt to escape from Galra by hijacking a slave ship, they are interrupted by a group of soldiers who attack them. At the end of the fight, Kogane stabs one soldier through his upper body with his own sword, killing him.

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12 sec

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